Iron Maiden – X-factor (clear vinyl limited edition 1995)

An Iron Maiden album that is really different compared to the others.
It was the first album without Bruce Dickinson, without Adrian Smith and also the first album without Derek Riggs cover art.

While the Eddy is not that bad, the typography is awkward. Look, the logo is stretched en deformed! The back and the booklet of this special LP is just a copy of the cd-artwork. And what does that mean? That the booklet is pixelated!! So I didn’t bother to take a photo of it, because I wish it wasn’t included. So this release is not 100%, still the LP’s themselves and their label are good enough to make this worth purchasing as an Iron Maiden fan. Still I think many fans would buy this anyway because it is probably an collectors item by now. Somebody who isn’t a Maiden fan, doesn’t want to have this.


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