Headphones – Philips/O’Neil “The Stretch / Marshall Headphones

I got for Christmas some new expensive headphones from Philips O’Neil. Special made for sporting etc. It came in a cool box, was compatible with my phone. And had a good sound. On the box it said it had a very strong cable, special made for sporting etc… Sadly enough the first thing that broke after 2 months was… the indestructible cables, on both sides, at the beginning on the headphone and on the output-jacket. So I brought it back, and after a Month of waiting, I didn’t get my headphones back, but a gift-card for buying a new pair of headphones…

This time I bought the Marshall Headphones, I hope they are sturdy and will survive for longer than 2 month’s. The good part of the story is, that my guarantee is now renewed, and if it happens again I will receive a new pair again for free. Good service!

On technical level I don’t want to compare them… The telephone/microphone of the Philips one was broken after some weeks, probably because of the cables… And the sound quality was good I think. But now after some listening with the Marshall, the quality on that one is better… Also the Marshall headphone is smaller, and you can clap it up, so it is more compact for traveling.
Both are very comfortable, the marshall doesn’t cover your ears, while the Philips one did cover your whole ear. But the sound reduction on both is very good.

O’Neil Headphones

Marshall Headphones

edit: I was holding the package upside down when unpacking, I was on the road and couldn’t wait to use them, and didn’t realize this:

*le shame*


One thought on “Headphones – Philips/O’Neil “The Stretch / Marshall Headphones

  1. I guess all headphones aren’t impossible to break lol.. I actually saw a cool video on snowboarding versus headphones, and the guy interviewed had gone through so many pairs of the stretch ones you talk about here.. Anyways, great site! thanks for letting me comment! Cheers


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