Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-01: Portent’s Peril

Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-01: Portent's PerilPathfinder Society Scenario #8-01: Portent’s Peril by Scott Sharplin

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Played this book as a player, not as GM.
So I’ve not read the book, but played it.

This story is a huge mess, based on too many skill checks to uncover the story. There is no place for roleplaying, or getting anything out of the npc’s without doing skill checks. Probably the GM could give us more, but he played it according to the book. We failed all the checks, all checks were below 10… We uncovered NOTHING. We didn’t know what to do, we didn’t know what happened. It sucked.

When the story was explained… Damn, it was unlogical. Made no sense. There are no choices to be made by the players. There is no option to roleplay (when I tried DM’ing a Pathfinder session there was no place to roleplay either…).

I begin to feel that pathfinder scenario’s or campaign books are just mind dumb – rail road adventures where the PC’s just follow mindlessly a trail and don’t have much to decide in the outcome. There is no room to be creative.

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