Postal 1 (1997 game)

I heard many rumours about this game as a kid. At school many other kids talked about a game even crazier and bloodier than GTA 1, which at the time (1997 – 1998) was the most brutal game on PS1 we knew. But nobody knew anybody that played Postal. Later I discovered Postal 2. A friend found it on Bearshare together with some crazy malware and we played the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ out of that game.

But I never saw Postal 1 till I bought this game recently for 1 euro on steam and it’s indeed crazy. It’s like they took the rampage missions from GTA and made a whole new game with that concept.

It’s a dark twin stick shooter. You are just a murdering maniac shooting down as many people as you can in public places.

It takes you back to the nineties, when brutal, bloody political incorrect games were something new and threating. Feeling like you were doing something that you shouldn’t do. Making parents scared that you were being turned into a terrorist.

BTW; remember Phobia II? Probably not…. That was also another sick twin stick shooter from WAH software. It was a cheap game based on Starship Troopers. I played that game with a friend. One played with the wasd keys another with the arrow keys on the keyboard. And somehow it brings that nostalgic feeling back… Totally different games but released the same year… The graphics are on the same level… Whatever, buy this game. It’s part of gaming history, essential to play.


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