Why do I not recommend this game? Even after 80+ hours of time I’ve put into this game. Because this is not a RPG. It just is a handholding – follow the compass – game without depth and very very lazy writing. ALL quests in this game are really badly written. (just as this review is badly written 😉 )

What takes the immersion out of this game (and also out of Oblivion) is the fast-travel system. It doesn’t really work well in this kind of game. And the cool thing about travelling arround in the older elder scrolls games was that you had to “plan” and understand the traveling system. In Skyrim it’s gone, you can take a cart. But it isn’t important anymore. In previous games you had special magic spells which you could fast travel with and it was awesome. But it doesn’t exist anymore since Oblivion. Still… The COMPASS sucks. Play without it.

The spell system is not complex enough. They even deleted a magic school: Mysticism!! The coolest school of them all. Also the amount of spells is very low. Enchanting? Too simple. Crafting Armor? There is a loophole in the system, where you literally can level up 15 levels in like… 5 minutes… I remember leveling up from level 35 to 45 in 15 minutes by crafting insane amounts of armor and doing enchanting stuff. Selling them, buying new iron ingots or whatever and just begin again crafting armor.

After the idiotic dungeon design of Oblivion, the dungeon design in Skyrim is better. It’s atmospheric. But… if you finish the game… you still wonder why the very first dungeon of this game and the very last one of the main quest is THE EXACT SAME DUNGEON? With the very same puzzles? It’s again… laziness.

The combat is not action oriented enough, but also not C-RPG enough with dice rolls like in morrowind. It’s probably something in between so it just is meh.

They have deleted minor and major skills, so there are no classes anymore in the game. You can become the almighty do it all guy. But I’m the type of guy who says: “over-specialise and breed weakness”. Well in this game you can become everything at once. You can become the arch-mage, gray-fox, fighter guild leader,… and dragonborn – guy! And then start the dark brotherhood quest and people over there will still not know who you are… (???)

I never liked voice acting, because it makes conversations too simple and you hear too much the same actor for different characters. But what bothers me more, is that voice actors are overwhelmed by the music in epic moments, stop in the middle of their sentences to enter a door and never finish whatever they were saying. Or actors are saying important things together, making a cacophony of voices.

I’m currently playing Morrowind again, I haven’t even played the expansions yet. And while browsing YouTube I’ve found a video about Morrowind and Skryim. Just watch it and understand why Skyrim is NOT the way elder scrolls games should evolve to. Elder scrolls online is like everything the elder scrolls shouldn’t be, nor should skyrim, nor fallout 4.

Bethesda is destroying itself…

The only thing this game does well: the landscape and graphics. The architecture.

Video, which I found after writing this review on Steam:


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