Morrowind (2001 PC Game)

I think this game sums up most of my childhood. There was a time when I played this game more than doing anything else… It was my life in 2004-2005, 2007-2008 after being dissapointed of Oblivion and its DLC, and also in 2010. In 2012 I’ve also played it a short while. I’ve put months an months of time into it… Completed main quest, some guilds and houses storylines, and many many side quests… But still not all of them. After all those years of playing I still find new things to do in the game.

It’s a huge and unforgiving hard world. No hand holding, no level based enemies or quests. If you join 1 guild or house, you can’t join the opposite guild or house. If you make a barbarian, forget magic, it will be almost impossible to learn and if you do, it doesn’t count for level progression. If you don’t think and plan your journey, you will break the game. For example: If you join a house, you will get quests where you have to kill main NPC’s of the game: thus breaking other quests!

The magic system is still the best thing ever made in a computer game. You can create the most sick items and spells ever. And If you have high level spells you can do the most awesome things ever. You feel more powerfull than in any other Elder Scroll game.

This is a small video of me playing 4 min showing conjuration magic, fast travel and how to level very fast


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