Character Sheet 2: Philiphe the Kenku


Another 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons roleplay. This time it’s Philiphe the Kenku. It’s not his real name, it’s what you understand if he squeaks “PLIEPH”. Kenku’s are a humanoid bird race. They are not smart and they can’t really speak. They understand normal language and can imitate every sound they’ll ever hear. Sometimes Philiphe makes simple sentences in different voices. Words he remembered other people or creatures say to him. But that doesn’t happen very often.

Kenku – Image from © Wizards of the Coast


Philiphe’s character sheet is a really min-max power character. That’s because it’s constructed by the roll method. And I’ve rolled really high. He has a dex of 22, which is really over the top high. (It’s boosted by bonuses). But he has intelligence of 4. That’s also the reason he doesn’t speak. He’s very handy when it comes to simple commands.

His character sheet is very simple. His backstory is also a bit funny. It’s a homebrew campaign, with a homebrew setting. There is an island nearby the continent where Philiphe lived in a tribe. When Philiphe was young, there was a natural storm, a really big storm. Philiphe was blown away into the sea. He didn’t know what happened and lost consciousness in the sea because he couldn’t swim. By chance he stranded on the continent. After lying there unconscious, a noble found him. That noble was the rogue Thomas Lasquelle. Of the famous Lasquelle family. Thomas took care of Philiphe, gave him his name. They became friends.

But because Philiphe isn’t really intelligent, Philiphe became more a sort of pet. He follows Thomas everywhere and sees him as his ‘Master’. They became part of an adventurous group, which is part of a larger guild.  The guild provides help where they are needed. For example: guard duty, solving crimes, solving mysteries. Whatever good they can do and earn money.

It’s a bit of a silly Character. Philiphe hopes someday to fly. When he is scared he makes the sound of a goblin horn he has heard in his adventures. He thinks it would save him, or warn his friends, but mostly it makes things worse. He also doesn’t have any possessions, and gold doesn’t really interest him. He has a strong connection with another identity of another plane, a vague memory of a sailor. It would be he is the reincarnation of a bird from another dimension, who was befriended with that sailor.

Philiphe, at lvl 5 currently, is a powerful character with an AC of 19 and an initiative is +11. When he shoots with his bow (2 times a turn) he gets +9. He then may attack with Hunters Prey a second creature a single time. And with hunters mark he gets an extra 1d6 dice on his attack. Making it a 2d6+6 damage. Which is an average of 39 damage a turn. Which is ok. The cleric can give us a bonus to roll an extra 1d4 on damage rolls. So then it’s 45 damage a turn. With a max of 66 damage a turn.




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