Comic Book Review: Low. It’s about overcoming depression.


Low, Vol. 4: Outer Aspects of Inner AttitudesLow – The full series by Rick Remender

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Humanity, thousand years into the future, literally and figuratively at their lowest point of its existence. The sun is about to explode, and it’s so hot on the surface of earth, humanity had to seek refuge at the bottom of our deepest oceans. In the middle of all this anarchy and chaos, there is a family, whose mother figure is the only hopeful and positive spark. A woman, whose late husband’s lifework was searching for other habitable planets, a solution to this desperate situation on a dying planet.

But what this comic is really about: it’s about DEPRESSION. It’s about trying to over win your own pessimism, and trying to think or be optimistic and make the best of the situation, to find a solution to the situation.

Throughout the comic series Rick Remender sprinkled some sparks of hope, small moments of optimism. Only to get it crushed. Just as in a real depression. It has it’s up and downs. The characters are an emotional wreck and they have to fight and work to find the strength to live another day.

Two random pages, the art is stunningly good.

Random Page 1
Random page 2

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