Rune Golem from Runewars

I’m painting myself into the world of miniature games… It’s a lot of fun



Skoda Vision C – 2015 concept car (Brussels Autosalon)

Went to a car show earlier this week.

I’m going to post some concept cars that I really liked. And probably some extraordinary supercars in the coming days.

This was the first one I encountered in Brussels. I thought it was pretty. It has a very german feeling design, while it is a Tsjech car. Personally I don’t think it’s a innovative design, they play it on safe.

Liked the lights with the crystal elements. And the shape of the seats. Which are extraordinary.

What I absolutely didn’t like was the Skoda badge on the front, fully in crystal. It had a very cheap bling bling feel.

skoda3skoda skoda4