Character Sheet 1: Salty ‘Jack’ Willy


Jack with his Parrot Flip

Character Sheets are something very cool to keep. It’s a character that you build, and then lives in the minds of a group of other players. You had adventures with him for a couple of months. Which brought him to life. His abilities, character, skill and possessions were written down on pieces of paper.

All the pieces of paper of the group creates a living world…

Salty ‘Jack’ Willy.

This was Jack. Jack was a Druid of the coast. A pirate who’s most priced possession was his boat, called ‘The Flower Mate’. He also had two pets. The first one was the parrot ‘Flip’. Sadly, Flip died while being stranded with the group on a desolated Island. Then he got a new pet. An Ape called ‘Choco’. He and his crew were looking for a treasure on the other side of the world.

While traveling the oceans of the world, they had to overcome many dangers. Sea monsters, being stranded on desolated Islands, other pirates on a pirate Outpost. They also had to manage their boat, have enough provisions to get to the next outpost and do repairs or upgrades.

His boat could also fly, thanks to a magical cauldron he found in a cave on the desolated Island. The magic cauldron fulfilled every crew’s wish. Jack wished to have the ability to wildshape (morph into an animal) infinitely. But the drawback was that he couldn’t choose into what animal. Sometimes he wildshaped into a snail, sometimes in a bird. What the other members of the crew wished for, he never knew. But after one lost his legs while doing his wish, the boat could suddenly fly.

Jack died, in battle. In an orc encampment. He died together with Choco. Trying to bring magical goodberries to his unconscious crew-members. He didn’t have any energy left to cast any other healing spell to wake them up. It was his last hope. He wildshaped, and wildshaped into different animals. But every time the animal died he came back as himself. So the attackers could hit him between his wildshapes. It was horrible. The cauldron gave him only weak animals. Snails, snakes, small turtles, bunnies, chickens, birds,… The attackers had to kill him multiple times before he himself was death.

Jack died very rich. He had experienced crazy adventures all over the world. But a pirates life is a dangerous life…

This is a Character that I have played for 6-7 months, playing every week on Friday. Here are some pictures taken while we were gaming…

Just Jack, on a dice
We find the magic Cauldron
Jack in a dungeon
Jack dying.


The character sheets themselves:

Salty Willy_1Salty Willy_2Salty Willy_3Salty Willy_4Salty Willy_6Salty Willy_5Salty Willy_13Salty Willy_20Salty Willy_19Salty Willy_18Salty Willy_17Salty Willy_16Salty Willy_15Salty Willy_14Salty Willy_7Salty Willy_12Salty Willy_10Salty Willy_9Salty Willy_21

Black Metal Playlist

I’ve put most of the BM music I’ve favored on Spotify this year in a single playlist. I think this is a pretty good one. It contains a wide variety of BM styles. Atmospheric, Post-Black, True Norwegian, Paganistic, space, Depressive Black, Satanic,… Whatever. Mixed with Ambient, Avant-Garde,… It’s a good playlist to get introduced to a sub-subculture. Most Black Metal dudes don’t really like other metal.

The lyrics are about spiritualism, nature, melancholy for the past, the past, life, space, epic fantasy stories,… Black Metal is mostly linked to nationalism, satanism, etc… but normally most of these songs aren’t about those themes. They are about escaping reality and longing for something else…  Escaping into a story, set in another reality. Something hopeful.

’90 – ’00 Electronic Playlist – Wipeout/Formula Fusion Playlist

Today I’ve found a Spotify playlist with 20 years of electronic music. It contains 20 years of futuristic collection of songs. Ranging from early nineties techno, drum n’ bass, goa, dubstep, hardcore. It’s awesome to work on.

The playlist is a collection from all the soundtracks from the futuristic game series Wipeout – Formula Fusion. One of the aesthetically most pleasing game series.


  • Afro Ride – Leftfield
  • Chemical Beats – The Chemical Brothers
  • Run (feat. Eva Lazarus) – Dub FX
  • Petrol – Orbital
  • We Have Explosive – The Future Sound Of London
  • Atom Bomb – Atomix 6 – Fluke
  • Fuck Up Beats – The Chemical Brothers
  • Loops Of Fury – The Chemical Brothers
  • Firestarter (Instrumental) – The Prodigy
  • Absurd – Fluke
  • Goodnight Lover – Fluke
  • Kittens – Underworld
  • Know Where To Run – Orbital
  • Under The Influence – The Chemical Brothers
  • Avenue – Paul van Dyk
  • Xpander – Sasha
  • Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Full Length Mix) – The Future Sound Of London
  • Smartbomb – Plump – DJ’s remix – BT
  • Bassheads – Cut La Roc
  • Krushyn : 4 – Elite Force
  • Stakker Humanoid – Plump DJs Re-Touch – Humanoid
  • Funny Break – One Is Enough Plump DJ’s Mix – Orbital
  • Twister – Drumattic Twins
  • Bug – Rennie Pilgrem
  • Curves – Röyksopp
  • Aéro Dynamik – 2009 Remastered Version – Kraftwerk
  • One Love (12″ Mix) – The Prodigy
  • Good Enough – Geminis Psychosis Mix – BB
  • Circus Bells – Hardfloor Remix – Hardfloor
  • City Lights (Martin Buttrich Remix) – Loco Dice
  • Exceeder (Original Mix) – Mason
  • Seven Stitches – Noisia
  • Sea Of Sand Feat. Guy Gerber – Shlomi Aber
  • Aerodynamik (Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy Dynamik Mix) – Kraftwerk
  • Machine Gun – Noisia
  • Swagger – Gingy
  • Acetone – The Crystal Method
  • Le Night Dominator – Original Mix – The Touch
  • Just Hiss – Spector
  • Marmite Rhythm – Two Fingers
  • Change of Direction – Anile
  • Breezeblock – Camo & Krooked
  • Some Chords – deadmau5
  • School Of Funk – Dirtyloud
  • Regurgitate – Noisia
  • BTKRSH – Rockwell
  • Electronic Battle Weapon 3 – The Chemical Brothers
  • Invaders Must Die – Liam H Re-amped Version – The Prodigy
  • Bleu My Mind – Nightmares On Wax
  • Jump – Snareophobe Remix – Buckfunk 3000

Formula Fusion

R8 Games Ltd! A company whose team consists of people from the legendary Studio Liverpool! Also known as PSYGNOSIS. I love psygnosis! Everything I have played from this studio is perfect. The wipeout and destruction derby games were my favorite ps1 games.

Wipeout Pulse and Pure were also the only reason I have bought a PSP.

They also teamed up again with the designers republic for this game! Another studio with a crazy reputation.

And because of that, I know this game it’s one of the better futuristic games on the PC. The state of the game is rough, not finished. There is still work to do, but!!! It still receives updates.