Villa Cavrois

Villa Cavrois in Croix is a large modernist mansion built in 1932 by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for Paul Cavrois, an industrialist from Roubaix active in the textile industry.
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Three Angels. (detail from the Crucifixion Altarpiece from the 14th century, Dijon)


Sometimes I wonder… Where can you find such craftsmanship today?

This is an Altarpiece made in the 14th century. Carved by Jacques de Baerze and painted by Melchior Broederlam. Two flemish primitives in service to Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. 

The museum, le musée du beaux arts Dijon  has a free entrance, located in a beautiful city in the middle of Europe.

You can find more pictures of this extraordinary piece here: