Black Metal Playlist

I’ve put most of the BM music I’ve favored on Spotify this year in a single playlist. I think this is a pretty good one. It contains a wide variety of BM styles. Atmospheric, Post-Black, True Norwegian, Paganistic, space, Depressive Black, Satanic,… Whatever. Mixed with Ambient, Avant-Garde,… It’s a good playlist to get introduced to a sub-subculture. Most Black Metal dudes don’t really like other metal.

The lyrics are about spiritualism, nature, melancholy for the past, the past, life, space, epic fantasy stories,… Black Metal is mostly linked to nationalism, satanism, etc… but normally most of these songs aren’t about those themes. They are about escaping reality and longing for something else…  Escaping into a story, set in another reality. Something hopeful.

Birdy almost nomnomnom

Saved this little fellow from an attack from my cat. I was just in time to scare my cat away, just before he would bite!!

After the short photoshoot (I had my camera with me) we put him on the roof of our garden shed and he flew off… Apparently he was old enough to fly, a mystery why he just was sitting on the ground when my cat attacked… His mother was constantly circling above our heads, so he is back with his mother.